Good Wine Fridge Cabinet Options

Cabinets For Liquor Bottles

For some families, wine fridge cabinet is an integral part of the dining room. Wine cabinets can increase the elegance of the room. Wine cabinet is the ideal tool to help you store delicious wine bottles to drink gradually for a couple of years. When choosing a wine conserving cabinet, there are important issues that you need to pay attention to: good insulation to maintain a temperature of 550C, humidity of 50% to 70%. Moisture is as important as temperature. If the humidity is too low, the bottlenecks in the bottles will dry up; otherwise, excess moisture is a good condition for the growth of mold. Here are some key details that you should be aware of.

A principle of “knowingly” when deciding on the size of a cabinet is to estimate the number of bottles that need to be stored according to your needs, and then double up to have the size of the cupboard that you buy it (for sure your collection will “grow” in the future). Most cabinet makers use the size of a Bordeaux bottle to evaluate and design the size of a wine racks cabinet. If your collection has a lot of big bottles like Burgundy or Champagne, they will take up more space. As a result, the total amount of bottled water in the cabinet will decrease compared to the design.

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Shelf the shelves in normal cabinet models are made from chrome wire, which has a better hardness than wooden or wooden shelves. You should choose a cabinet with shelves designed in the form of rolls. This design allows us to read bottle labels as well as remove bottles from the cabinet easily. Please check the smoothness of the material in the shelves to choose the right type of your favorite.

Cabinets will allow you to see the bottles from outside, but their electrical insulation is comparable to that of a normal cabinet door (similar to a refrigerator door). In addition, glass doors are more expensive. However, if you like this style should choose the type of glass that can prevent UV rays because exposure to sunlight affects not good quality wine.  Compressor that holds the refrigerant for the wine storage furniture usually tends to vibrate lightly, especially at the on / off time. The vibration of the machine will damage the quality of the wine over time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the cabinet with anti-vibration measures such as: use rubber pads to lift the compressor and cover the shelves to hold the bottle tight.

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